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Ban list
Hello dear members,

we forgot to announce the ban list for Haxball Champions League in general so we will use this topic to write it. First post will be edited with future banned members, and we will write every new banned members in new post together with short explanation.

Buffon (LT) - permanent
Flaviu (DK) - 2 season
[Image: lt.png] Buffon

Ban duration: Permanent
Banned competitions: Any competition under

Reason: I can manage to resolve many things, but Buffon is really too much for me. I forgot his stupid behavior a lot of times, but I got enough of it. Buffon is permanently banned from any competition under Haxball EU without any chance to remove ban in future. See you Smile
We Are Flaviu (Haxball BG), [Image: dk.png] Flaviu

Ban duration: 2 Season

Reason: Faking players in official HCL (#17) match.

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