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Romanian Haxball League , not as nice as you think!
Hello , i would like just to review a few things some i noticed as a captain in Romanian Haxball League.
1. The forum is very nice , ts3 , and other good stuff made by GirlontaR and aMp
2. Krieb the head admin of the Romanian League is not respecting the rule books , it happens that in a matchday where my team won 4-3 against Masterminds(another Romanian team lead by Kappa) , they made us to  play again against them because one of my players havent confirmed and played the 1st half. I said okay , we will play again no problem. But when we played the match again against Masterminds , one of their players confirmed via screenshoot. It*s the first league where i played since 2011 that Screenshoots are alloweed.
3. In RHL the fair play doesn*t exist especially against Romanian Teams , so if you guys are in games against Romanian Teams in HCL , dont expect them to give you fair play if your player is afk , or not. They will score.
4.  Sometimes it feels like the rest of admins are just for picture , and by that i mean , it doesn*t matter if the majority of admins decide something , if Krieb doesn*t agree then the majority loses.
5. Alot of Defwins in the league during this season. I just played against monopoly in matchday 4 and after the 1st half where we won 3-0 , PINT captain of Monopoli banned their players and rage quitted.
6. I pesonally think that Krieb helps some teams to win  the matches off the pitch even tho those teams are losing during the officials , somehow he finds some rules invented by him and made that respective team to lose by deflose , or to re play the match again
7. For all the teams who want to apply , please read this Topic an think twice about it. If you want those things to happen to you , go ahead and apply for the future seasons.
8. I hope admins will see this as an warning for what kind of community they are accepting in the future HCL editions.

This was just my opinion , and i hope it will help others to see when sombody asks them to create a team or to play for a team to see what kind of things are happening there.
Solution: @basro ban Flaviu’s IP from haxball
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For everybody who dosen't know the entire story , i invite you to read  HERE .
Well, first of all, this happened with SS long time ago aswell.. The forum has some problems with turkey IP, even when PRO or other admins like Crixus / Vlad leaded the community agreed with SS. About ban from ofc game, this happened in HCL aswell with RQ... Against our team, GSW, is something that most of the teams are doing usually in ofc games just to take of the angry mood.. and about forum + ts3, you can't say that =)) when Krieb is our web design and photoshop guy.. About defwins, didn't saw so many defwins, it happens.. Like it happened to me because of the university.. we are not 30 y old and still stay in same house with our mothers, we are at university or working.. and it happens to forget to postpone a game or to ask admins about something.. we are humans.. About the fair play, watchout the chat.. Piko wrote "bb", idk why would you complain about this, even on HCL forum.. where is the point? We already have low reputation because of FEAR who refused to play a fucking game... And about that goal, really now.. =)) look at your movement. I said all what I had to say, hopefully HCL admins will understand what I said and will analyse the proves..
i think im the 95% of ppl who actually thinks "who cares"

sad story, but romanian league has 0 reputation thanks to romanian players ^^
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stop crying for being a shit flaviu =]
Flaviu make We Are Flaviu league
(18/10/2018, 23:50)Lyreco Wrote: Flaviu make We Are Flaviu league

Lyreco you know what i hate more then being a cheater ? People like you who are with 2 faces , i tought i will never see you again after your league was not accepted here. Haven*t you been on Nani*s side on Feed Me forum when he opened that topic about how bad the administration of HCL is ? Please mind your own things.
Flaviu iti rup capul mai bulgasor de matreata
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