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HCL transfer rule changes
Hello boys,

we decided to change the transfer section of Haxball Champions League.

Change is that we will use only one transfer period instead two so far and that will be period until line-ups will be locked before official first scheduled matchday (see picture)

[Image: schedule_3.jpg]

We decided to remove the second transfer period cuz we don't consider it needed in this competition. It is not a league, it is elite competition where teams should do their besti with pre-decides line-up for league and not sign mercenaries if they manage to pass the group.

Just to add, since minimum number of players is 5, no removals or cuts while team is having 5 players is allowed. So if a player wants to leave the team, he won't be able to do so - he will stay in lineup but non able to play official games. This situation happened a lot in last seasons and thisnis our way to protest teams. Maximum number of players in team remain the same. Number of players = number of confirmed players, but still added cant be more than 10 at any time.

So only players signed before start of the competition are valid - no later signs are allowed. Players can still confirm at any time before official kick-off.

Good luck to all teams and manage it as you should,
HCL Admin team!
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