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Check-in HCL#17
Name of the community: RHL (Romanian HaxBall League)
Website: https://romanianhaxballleague.000webhost...eason1.php
Team 1 (captain): Golden State Warriors (Pjanic)
Team 1 (captain): Addicted to Skill (JULYANftw)
Team 2 (captain): Fear 2k18 (^aMp^)
Team 3 (captain): Monopoly FC (PINT)
Team 4 (captain): Flying Apes (KriebFCP)
Name of the community:
Team 1 (captain): GreenLand (ıIıIİıİIıımusic
Team 2 (captain): Hrenovie Burunduki (MH) 
Team 3 (captain): Evening Stars (Eazw) 
Team 4 (captain): Celtics (NicK)
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  • Flaviu
Name of the community: Feed Me Haxball
Team 1 (captain): Klub Emeryta (kojo)
Team 2 (captain): Angry Bulls (ESPierre)
Team 3 (captain): Gladiators (gio)
Team 4 (captain): Chimera (Whiplash)
Hello HCL!

Since time for registrations has expired and all of you did the check-in (as we planned) there is no reason to wait but to close the check-in topic for HCL #17 tournament.

Thanks to all communities who signed up their teams and thanks for respecting the First topic in total.
More info will come tomorrow about the tournament.

Good luck to all teams,
HCL Admin team!

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